I had a fortunate childhood. I was raised by a supporting family in a catholic household. I would like to say I’ve worked hard to get to the University I attend today, University of California Irvine ( UCI), However that has not always been the case I was fortunate enough to be academically gifted which means as a child I devoted the time others used for learning to getting myself into trouble. Now, I’m proud to say I have for the most part focused on progressing myself to something greater by getting into the UCI and finding a way to pay for my own college despite others doubts in my ability to do so. 

    Now by this point you’ll probably be wondering why the hell I’m writing this Blog, is it just for school credit, and if it is is it just going to be long pages of get to know Xavier? For the first question I’ll be honest if it wasn’t assigned I probably wouldn’t be writing this intro right now, I’d probably be out hanging out with friends or getting myself into trouble with people I had just met, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to share something insightful. Now the second one is a bit easier to answer, I’m simply introducing the generalized idea of myself to help you understand my point of view, so long story short yes that’s all its going to be, did I mention I’m frequently sarcastic. Comments are welcomed, and that I don’t mean sarcastically.


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