The True Long Range War

When you first read the title perhaps you thought about the controversial drone strikes or the giving of aid to revolutionaries to overthrow an undemocratic government, but the true long range war is not fought with missiles and greedy weapons manufacturers but in the hearts of those the soldiers left behind to uphold their duty.The true testament of strength and love is found in the struggle of a long distance relationship.

The feeling cannot be summed up in any better fashion rather to say “time goes by slower when you miss the one you love” by an anonymous source. Imagine the situation. The person you love most in this world is sent to a dangerous place, a place you and them cannot be together. So you are forced to sit and wonder: are they alright, will our love last, and will they be the same when they come back? The answer is you can’t know, even with all technology has to offer: Skype, texting, Snapchat, phone calls and even good old fashioned letters. They all lack the same thing, the human aspect the sense you get when your in the same place as the other person, when you can hear their voice, see their face as it really is,with all of its unique intricacies, and to feel the warmth of their body pressed against yours once more.

The lust to see them again is all that runs in your mind. Food loses its taste. Colors become less bright and appealing. You just find your self longing just longing to be reunited once more. This is the pain felt not only by the loved ones left behind but by the soldiers themselves. Atop of the immense burden of the stress caused by the threat of death their is the plague of love. Causing them to be less focused in a dangerous atmosphere. Leading to more unnecessary death of the men that fight for our freedom. Bringing to question why must this be done to the hearts of the soldiers and those they love? I can’t really answer this question… it seems illogical for this to happen. I guess the purpose was to bring public awareness to the issues that plague not only the soldiers but all those who are stuck in the heartbreaking situation called long distance relationships.