Humanities…? is it really how I think it is?

    It has only been about two weeks and I find myself in an unfamiliar situation, and no I don’t mean the huge campus of UCI. I don’t mean the fact that I like all the other freshman occasionally still walk around with my phone out letting zotfinder lead me to the safety of my next class. It is unnerving, not knowing exactly where to go, but that’s not what I mean by different. On a much smaller scale I was just as lost navigating my high school the first few days, but there I had concrete assumptions on what life was. I was not always right but I knew facts and details that supported my view of how the world worked. Here was different, it was here that I was introduced to the humanities.                                                                                                                       I had always thought down on those who go to college for a liberal arts degree. I enjoyed making such comments as that “the best possible job one can get from a liberal arts degree is a barista at your local Starbucks.” I would then sarcastically add that “I hope they had fun in college because the rest of their life is going to be shit.” Maybe it was because they were artistically talented, and I was always told my writing was sub-par and all my attempts at the visual arts lead to awkward images and intense frustration.                                                                                                                 I didn’t realize how efficient they’re way of viewing the world was, instead of taking facts and creating new evidence to support those facts like the approach so many take to life, myself included. However those who study and research the humaniimages (1)ties aren’t bound to prove ‘universal truths,’ they are free to raise questions that cause society to question their assumptions leading to an expansion on what it means to be a human in this day and age. So why can they learn and such an abstract way, where the rest of the world works like a far more linear function. This is the point where I know for certain I cannot answer the question, maybe it’s because human life is complex and undefinable, which means no one approach can work and no one solution is applicable. Their is always the possibility that the questions that arise in the study of the humanities are not meant to be answered. This leads to my new found respect for the study of humanities, and my excitement on getting to get more than just a taste of what it means to be human.


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