Broke ass college students

Modern culture loves to publicize just how broke it means to be a college student. However society seems to contradict it’s self, claiming that most students skate through college by the goodwill of their parents back pockets, so their paradox begs the question why do students receive such a reputation?

broke college student

According to The Huffington Post only twenty-two percent of the tuition paid is done so by the parents, they claim “the only expense that parents are more likely to cover is student’s monthly cellphone bills.” Now that doesn’t mean that the other seventy eight percent is covered by the students, as the majority of the remaining tuition is covered through some form of gift aid be it through a need based financial aid or through scholarships. According to City Data eighty percent of students received some form of aid, but that statistic includes those whom only qualify for work study or just menial figures when compared to the seeming incomprehensible cost of college student.  Where does that leave the rest of the financial burden, it is dropped on the students. I know at least for my case that I expect to pay for the entirety of my schooling tuition and expenses included, however I do so with the help of financial aid. I am glad to do so, as it is shown in the New York Times study that those students whom contribute to their college expenses have more motivation for schooling and often have a higher GPA as a result of this investment. However, in the efforts to pay their way through college not only will these students be highly motivated as it is their money at risk they’ll also be, let’s just says ‘short on cash’. You might be asking yourself how this relates to war and fighting. War can be seen as the life or death choices that must be made in the light of one’s own mortality, so how doesn’t poverty relate. It all comes down to choices: do I eat or pay the rent? Ultimately  it all comes down to the reality that your choice is completely up to you. I wish you to never have to take part in the battle of poverty.

But if you do…

college broke 2


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